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Washington Nationals beat St Louis Cardinals to reach World Series for first time

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The Washington Nationals achieved the World Series for the first time.
The success completed a remarkable turnaround and guaranteed a 4-0 MLB League Championship Series sweep.
Nationals manager Dave Martinez had faced the bag in May after a 19-31 start.
His group will play either 2017 winners the Houston Astros or winners that the New York Yankees in the World Series, October, beginning on 22.
The Astros lead the Yankees 2-1 in their best-of-seven-series.
That is about as good as it gets, but were not done yet, said Nats veteran Ryan Zimmerman.
After functioning as the Montreal Expos in 1969 the Nationals relocated from Canada and have been renamed in 2005.
It is not the first time the World Series has been made by that a team. The former Washington Senators last failed it but were relocated to develop into the Minnesota Twins that are recent in 1961.
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