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G2’s Jankos can’t wait to face STK’s Faker at Worlds

G2 Esports’ LEC Summer Split winner Marcin’Jankos’ Jankowski disclosed so he could take a picture with their mid laner Faker — SK Telecom T1 is the team he’s most looking forward to confront at Worlds.
Lee’Faker’ Sang-hyeok confessed after SKT appeared victorious in the LCK he wants to fulfill with G2, who knocked them out in MSI.
The feeling appears to be mutual for the opportunity to take a photo but also for Jankos, who’s excited for the possibilities of shooting on SKT.
He said:”I would not be myself if I didn’t say that I’m most looking forward to playing against SKT.
“I love Faker and I truly wish to be able to take a picture together. I have not been effective at League of Legends so it was down to events such as All Stars where I would actually get to meet him.
“During MSI, I didn’t really wish to have a photograph with him since I felt it would be improper to do it once we’d overcome them before the match, I felt like this would give him a psychological edge because he’d feel that the enemy jungler is his own lover and he will get really encouraged.
“Perhaps this moment, at times, I can find a picture before groups but then again if we get through into the semi-finals and need to confront SKT, he would still have that mental edge in the back of his mind. Therefore, I don’t know whether it is a fantastic idea to get a picture with Faker but if I can, I would do it because I am still a massive fan boy.”
Faker really isn’t the only player Jankos is looking forward to facing on SKT. He also wishes to show himself against SKT’s junlger Kim’Clid’ Tae-min.
He said:”I believe Clid is really great, I wish to measure my performance from the previous time I confronted him so I could outclass him or at least play just as well as him game.”
In any case DAMWON Gambling additionally qualified for Saturdays since Korean seed because of their five-game thriller against Kingzone DragonX. Jankos’ H2k team-mate Sin’Atomic’ Jeong-hyeon is about the DAMWON roster along with the Polish jungler also expects for a chance.
He explained:”I know that he wants revenge against Fnatic however I sort of want to play him just to show him that I’m the boss!”

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