Trunk User Guide : Tufts University features a contract that is university-wide the Turnitin plagiarism detection solution

Trainers can organize to possess documents submitted towards the Trunk Assignments tool checked, by Turnitin, for possible unoriginal content by comparing submitted documents to many databases employing a proprietary algorithm. Turnitin scans the net, a unique databases, as well as has certification agreements with large proprietary that is academic. Trainers get (when you look at the Trunk Assignments tool) an “Originality Report” from Turnitin for every learning pupil distribution.

Turnitin may be used just once per project. For those who have pupils publishing a “draft” paper assignment and designate a Turnitin originality are accountable to it, you will have to create a moment project for Turnitin to test the last draft for the paper.

The Tufts contract with Turnitin is a teacher only solution. Students cannot always check their papers that are own Turnitin without an teacher produced project.

Note: whenever Turnitin is employed on an assignment, s tudents may have an email on the assignment kind showing that the project shall be examined because of the Turnitin plagiarism solution.

To make use of Turnitin:

Head to Assignments.

This shows the Assignment that is add form.

Under Assignment, title the projects, include times and choose “Single Uploaded File just”

To make use of Turnitin, the project should be set to “solitary Uploaded File just”

Under Turnitin Provider, checkmark “Utilize Turnitin”.

This dislays the Turnitin properties selection choices.

Choose the appropriate Turnitin choices

Publish papers to your repository that is following