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Would I be permitted to go into the united states of america through what is feco San Diego airport terminal with clinically prescribed cannabis oil?

Both medically and recreationally, its not legal by Federal law and that is who operates Customs/Imigration although it is legal now in the state af CA. Until you have actually a big quantity it more than likely wont be a concern, however it coul be, so that you need certainly to determine if you should be ready to use the danger.

I would personallyn’t risk it.

I would personally perhaps not state it will not be a concern. They’ve drug sniffing dogs with extreme sensitivities to various unlawful medications. Why don’t you wait till you might be inside California buying it lawfully by state legislation?

talk to the US Customs please. These are the only people who are able to supply you with the answer that is official. We could simply speculate about what could or could not happen

But Goodbeer is proper wrt federal vs state laws

USA traditions will perhaps not accept cannabis oil to go into the United States Of America though it is legal under California law as it is against USA law even.

Never bring this for a worldwide journey to the USA.

Since there will be nowhere to purchase recreationally until Jan 2018, nonetheless it can be purchased medically, can a individual purchase by having a prescription from outside CA now or does the Rx must have been published by a CA prescriber, and does the in-patient have to be a CA resident?

The OP cannot buy lawfully in CA until January 2018. The united states government that is federal not recognize marijuana usage for medical purposes, classified it in the same category as cocaine, therefore it won’t be legal to own in an airport.

Medical purchases are just open to state residents that have state motorists permit and possess secured a prescription from an approved docter. A collective will not enable you to enter without that scrip.

It is an extremely cold time in Hades prior to the government makes pot appropriate, especially beneath the future administration. Consequently, don’t expect you’ll ever be permitted to bring your marijuana that is own into nation. You also should be careful about states!

Colorado may be the state that is closest where you could purchase legitimately at this time. Their item is terrible, particularly when when compared with Ca medical.

As of this minute with time, after Prop. 64, here is the law:

Proposition 64 legalized the recreational utilization of cannabis for adults aged 21 years or older, allowing smoking cigarettes in a personal house or at a small business licensed for on-site cannabis consumption. Smoking cigarettes had been to keep illegal while driving a car, anywhere smoking tobacco is, plus in all public venues. As much as 28.5 grms of cannabis and 8 grams of concentrated cannabis are appropriate to own under this measure. But, control on the basis of a college, care center, or youth center while children are present remains illegal day. An individual is allowed to develop as much as six plants in just a home that is private long whilst the area is locked rather than noticeable from the general public spot.”

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