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BetOnline Offering Odds on Antonio Brown Retiring Before Week 1 of 2019 Season Due to Helmet Grievance

Antonio Brown was mired in a couple of incidents this past week. First, it had been the frostbitten foot. Now, he finished with his helmet.
The receiver has threatened to retire over it, and BetOnline has posted odds hell follow . Is there some worth betting this?
Odds as of 12/08/2019.
Its difficult to feel that frostbitten foot, Antonio Brown room was the second-most bizarre story with the star receiver a week. Was that he is willing over using his old helmet to retire.
Their helmets are regularly updated by the NFL . You may remember that they have enormous issues with concussions which are very public and consequently, families are currently keeping their children. Its a big issue. Brown has become familiar.
Though he has not officially announced his standoff with the team, reporters have suggested unless the NFL enables him to utilize his old helmet he wont play. That is quite unlikely to occur — especially since the NFL Players Union has consented to utilize this helmet (that means Brown is battling his own union).
Obviously, weve all been expecting to hear. The overall consensus was this could cause a rift between Brown and the team and that he would blow a gasket. Openly, he has been affirmed by Gruden although it is very possible it is behind the scenes.
What is worth noting is that Gruden kind of implied that he anticipates Brown back at a certain stage. Up till that pointwe had not heard anything positive about the situation but it seems like he believes it will be settled. Since Grudens butt is on the line, it could just be wishful thinking, though.
The heart of the problem is Browns is 12 and the NFL does not allow players to utilize helmet over 10 years old. While Brown had been expecting to convince the league to allow him to use it (he was able to use it annually )they responded that they are not likely to permit him to do it.
Going ahead (and the league may go after him ), Brown will probably soon be in breach of his contract unless he performs a league-approved helmet. If not, he will not get compensated. That means hes going to start losing money and may go the pay of last year after him also. Thats speculation at this point.
Still another report on Sunday suggested that Brown is thinking about holding the league liable if he gets injured in the helmet that was . The fact that hes entertaining that shows hes contemplating using the new helmet.
Its hard to watch Brown. Yes, he is definitely a diva. Yes, hes being over-the-top within this situation. However, the group has come out and encourage him. It is unlikely that he tries to twist over them.
Could he miss Week 1 while looking for a remedy and hold out? That seems more probable than a retirement. But what I expect is for him and the team to come to a sort of conclusion. He does the Raiders and the league wants to be playing, therefore theres motivation to get this. Bet onNo.
Let us have fun and keep it civil.

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